Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Start of WorldWideAnon ^^

Welcome One and all to the WorldWideAnon Blog spot, Where all you say be it trolls or heartfelt rants about how the government is shoving fingers in your ass We all remain Anon and happy

To start this off i would like to just see what people would think would be a good subject?
The Stupidy of Reality Television?
Or maybe the more docile subject of The World Wide Invasion of Justin Beiber?
Cause i know i for one am Happy that they shot him on CSI, especially all the Memes on the internet adding to the carnage ^^
But as the world quietly enjoys the targeting of 12 year old pre teenage girl sensation Justin Beiber lets not forget that though he may have a voice like a woman, that he is one of the most listened to artists in the decade, Almost like the Green Day from the 90's the widespread of this infestation know and "Baby baby baby" Where Justin freely expresses his feelings towards a Blue Screen Shot of some super model, he has made millions off of the fans that support him and his useless merch that would be better used as fire material.
This of course is branching off into Music, so lets here some of the world of Anon's favorite bands and why ^^ cause i for one am a fan of Bands such as System of a Down, who constantly attacks the government and stupid people who fall under their mind control
Thanks ^^ lets start this off in a good way


  1. Welcome to the blogging sphere!

  2. Welcome.
    And the scene in SCI is epic :D

  3. Welcome to blogging, good luck!

    I'll be watching your future posts =3

    Take a look at mine sometime if you like:

  4. Welcome man! followed! bring it!

  5. You speak the truth, keep speaking your mind and people will listen. Followed!

  6. The only thing I like about JB is his girlfriend...

  7. Thanks guys for the warm welcome ^^ appreciate it
    and seeing all the videos on that episode and the episode itself is pretty funny when he gets targeted and shot. Like i said earlier, the Justin Beiber effect brings in many people and i think his gf has been brainwashed, truth be told she isn't that bad.

  8. I love your first post, keep it up!

  9. Justin Beiber is a cutie ;)

  10. 'Education' then 'The Stupidy of Reality Television.'

    although explaining the "Stupidy of Reality Television" to the stupid would be Education