Monday, June 27, 2011

Internet once again!!!

Ladies and Gents, sorry for the long Blank moment, been having a hard time trying to get an Internet connection on the road, Tour of Europe in a Car = very hard internet

Anyway, As i was touring around with a couple of friends in the car we decided to give Euro Radio a go, well figure this, their classic rock station, actually has classic rock, like Rolling Stones, Credence, AC/DC, ect. so we were pretty surpirsed as we were driving through France to hear this kinda music, so we enjoyed our Car ride through France. But as we got to touring other countries like Italy, we kept hearing this great Music. And it hit me, why not have this sort of Old school Rock and Roll Radio, cause most of the Stations in the States play this New age stuff and really no joy in riding in your car listening to some guy go on and on about how he shot someone and then did drugs... Ofcourse you can tell me to buy the iPod plug in for the Car but i listen to that stuff and i know it by heart i rather tempt fate and see if i can't find something new, that is what the radio is for anyway -.-'
So anyway touring France is Great right now i'm in the south near Nice and the weather is beautiful over here, if anyone knows a cool place to get a bite to eat or something that would be epic ^^

And by the way, for the week that i've been here i have not heared one Justin Beiber or Kesha tune play, not on the Radio or anywhere, it's heaven ^^ maybe i'm just not listening to the right radio station but all i know is that it's alot better!!
Anyway catch you guys when i have Internet again

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hello ^^

Hey Everyone, just a small Update, i will be traveling these next couple days so it's going to be hard enough to update the Blog, so i might as well go on one big rant now!

Everyone who can, remember the 90's? not the people born in the 90's but who lived through that decade and experienced all the good and the Bad it had to bring. The Good, an Exploding Culture across the world, Great Music groups coming into the Media light and showing what they have, reunions and break ups of Bands, Unbelivable movies coming left and right, the commencement of the Information Age where now everyone has a Smartphone wired to their Butt to keep them in Contact with the entire world at the same time, and who can forget the most advanced piece of Machine, the Macintosh "G5" had just came out and hit everyone with surprise at how good it was. The Bad, the Birth of Justin Beiber, NSync, Britney Spears (Before her Media breakdown) The Wars in the Middle east, (Still going on today), The White House Scandal where Pres. Bill Clinton got head in the oval office (Talking about the scandal not that he actually got head in the Oval Office, that was an achievement on his part). The 90's were great, so much new stuff came out and everyone was amazed by it's advancement, now a days, "A NEW apple iPad is coming out!!!" whoopdee frikin doo... whats changed since the last one? People don't have that sence of "NEW" anymore, everything has already been seen or used in the past.. The world needs and Advancement where people wet them selves thinking "WOW this is cool" Because be it New Tech or Scenery, nothing is ever THAT cool anymore, all thanks to the Interwebz. Anyway, the point of today's post is to remind those that have lived through that era that it was cool to be from the 90's and that every new advancement was a giant leap forward in the world of today, and to explain to those who havn't seen or lived this that today, alot less things seem cool and new.

Opinions on the 90's Guys, Good, Bad? Experiances?

Friday, June 17, 2011

Ahh Finally Back

Well first part of Exams are over so i'm gonna take some time to update the Blog ^^

Here another little story, sadly again on music.
On Wendesday i was just relaxing at the corner Starbucks, Sitting and watching the people go by drinking my over priced coffee and thinking to myself it's a beautiful day out. So time goes by and all of a sudden i start hearing a loud Bass Speaker going haywire, and i mean it's pumping out well over 120 Db's of power. So i start looking around and i don't see anyone carrying a large Amp, so i relax thinking "Damn i'm hearing things again" so after like 10 min of the same beat then i know i'm not hearing things... So i get up and walk to my car that just around the corner to get going back to class. Then i see a car practically shaking there is so much Power coming out of the speakers. So i kindly go up to the Driver and ask what sort of Music that is. He replies "It's Dubstep Dude, S*it's Chill man". What is this Creation called Dubstep? It's taking a song and putting a load of bass and tuning down the actual Audio and making people repeat the same part of the song, and this group Borgore, putting "deepthroat" in their songs is just wrong. Anyway so i went to my car and decided that i would go to class and on my way i would pop in my Rolling Stones Album and just chill to that. So as i'm driving more and more cars that go by are playing this "DubStep". So after classes i decide to go check out the Local record store and see if there is any DubStep album that is worth listening to. As i walk in the door all i hear is the same loud bass that i heard earlier in the day... so i know they have some, so i stay for a good half hour listening to Dubstep. At the end of that Half Hour i couldn't hear much other then the people who were not 2 feet away from me. So i go home and the little demon that plays the "Beiber" is not only playing Him but she is also playing his little Dubstep Remix Album -.-'' Anyway Guys anyidea what i can do cause she is abiding by the Law not playing this shit at 2:00am and i have no idea what i can do to get rid of this... Sound Proof Headphones don't get here for another 6 days, so until then? Anything? Ohh and you guys know any good Dubstep Album worth listening to?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Hello Once again

Hey Guys and Gals,
I think i'm going to start a schedual, like every 2-3 days i will update on a new rant because at the moment, i am having final exams so they are taking up a lot of my time but i will find new rant subjects, i think mainly on Education, seeing as how i'm being pelted with that sort of stuff right now ^^,

Anyway on todays rant, i think i'm gonna take a hit at the New "Halo 4" being brought out by Microsoft. Seeing as how Bungie, the original producers of Halo have quit the microsoft mainstream and that Halo is now being made by Microsoft itself and another Studio i think bought out by Microsoft, making it Microsoft >.> I don't think the game will have that hint of originality that the 1-3 had, unlike ODST and Reach, we come back to the main story of Master Chief the sole surviving Spartan, or so they say, Where the Trailer only hints at falling in a flaming ship through some weird atmosphere into a lard shiny metallic structure. Although seeing the new pistol with a lovly silencer attachment and what seems to be a rather extreamly large round to blast through steel doors like a hot knife through butter it looks like this game will fall under the category of "Almost there but not quite". Now i'm not saying my prevision of this New game of a Legendary Series to be exactly what i said it would be, i'm am not Omnipotent and if i was i would be handing out Lottery Winning tickets, then we could have a little fiesta, But sadly i am not. This game could on the other hand be one of the best shooter games to come out in the following year, next to Battlefield 3 and "CoDMW3 although seeing what it has to offer i don't really think it will be that good seeing how Black Ops could have been much better. Anyway not my Point... My point being that Microsoft better pull out one of the best games we have seen in this decade if they want atleast me to keep buying Merch from them... Lets see what they can pull out. Idea's guys?

Link to Halo 4 Trailer:

Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday morning and it starts off again...

Hello Bloggers, and a good monday morning to you

Today i said i would tackle the subject of Video Games that come from Movie or Books... and that's exactly what i'm gonna do. Being a person who loves to sit down for a couple hours and enjoy a good game, while relaxing i enjoy games such as Halo (as said previously), CoD, and Battlefield Maybe occasionally Final Fantasy or other games, an all around gamer of some sort, but only good games... So after being a huge Marvel fan in my time, i decided to pick up the latest Thor game and see how it was, after around 30 min of Gameplay i find myself headed back to my mail box to make sure the Post man can see that i have a game to return to GameFly to pick up my next ordered game. This game made me want to cry it was so awful, the movie also made me cry i had to walk out because it was so off subject to the original Comic that i thought it was atrocious, But thats not our subject for today, what i would really like to tackle is the Video Games them selves and the people who thought that it would be a good idea to make them! Now changing time frame, a couple years ago when the first Harry Potter came out everyone was amazed at how good the movie was, so i decided to go see it, having read the books they were partially cohearent, but not off subject enough to make regret going to see it, but then in the Era of the PS2 i ought the game to see how it would fit on my screen. Ladies and Gentlemen, i played the whole game through and not once did i see atleast one bit of either the book or the Movie, which killed that series off for me faster then Napalm kills trees, i couldn't even look at the box, which had the picture from the first book on it with the words in bold "Exactly Like the Movie", So the idea of this little trend to make a Video Game from a movie comes from the idea that the people who go to see the movie will obviously buy the game, partially true, and that the people who bought the game will see no problem with it aslong as they stay ignorant to the original story line that was put in place by the movie and by the book (if there is one). So this trend kills off possibly good game idea's through its ignorance with the story line and characters that exist in the movie and book. Anyway, any lovely games that you guys have played that made you not even want to see the movie? or read the book?

By the way for those of you who followed Yesterday, i looked into the Headphones and i found a good pair from AKG,
All the people I know from work ect told me that AKG made really good earphones/headphones. Anyway thanks for your Participation ^^ really appreciate it

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Another little rant about a trip to the movie theatre...

Ladies and gents, i have a little question before today's rant.
I'm looking for a good set of Headphones? any suggestions? like something you can take anywhere that's not too big or to loud, something that makes music sound perfect and blocks out the noise from the outside world. Is there a set of Headphones with those qualities today?

Now that thats out of the way, Last night after posting the last little story i went out to go to the movie theatre to go catch today's latest flicks that don't make me want to shoot myself. Now i saw a couple good movies and i was thinking to myself hell why not be brain dead for another 2h and try to understand something. So i went to go see "Very Bad Trip 2" which i must say wasn't better then the first one but was pretty funny. Now waslking out of the theatre i over heard some of the youth talking about a certain rumor of a "Halo Movie" now being a Halo Player i thought to myself, "what is the point in making a movie about a video game that explains the whole damn story to you right then and there?" Then it hit me... Why make a movie about a video game in the first place? Those who have played the Game will know the story and most likely be disappointed when they see the movie cause "it has nothing to do with the game itself." Having played most retro games, i played Tron, the Original one, not the remake, so i was pretty excited when it came to the theaters, i sat down and proceeded to watch something that burned my eyes out... Tron the Movie completely destroyed the whole original concept of the game, nothing, not one thing had to do with anything that was shown in the game. And to make it worse, they named it *TRON* but not once do you see Tron actually do anything other then growl and die... The the Horror of the "(One of the)Prince of Persia", i can't even begin to explain how that movie screwed up my vision on the game.. Anyway all this coming to show that when you make a Movie about a game, especially one that has a huge fan base, make it something like that game not some random PoS that has nothing to do with the game, not even a side story, like an entire F*ck Up of the game itself, so that is why i am scared to go see this rumored "Halo Movie" because i am one who loves Halo, I've played all the games and enjoyed playing them, Online as well, I have read the books and I've followed the Story line since the beginning. Making a movie from a video game sucks i'll say it right now, From comics alright aslong as you can explain something that happened in the comics, But from a video game, no one wants to see the game replayed on a large screen but no one wants to see the game destroyed through a story that never existed and doesn't make sense. Anyway, The next topic most likely will be Video Games that come from Movie, Thor i'm lookin at you right now >:( Idea's guys?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A nice little story from yours truly

Hello one and all,
 This is a little story that just knocks almost everything i said into light. Now i wish i was joking but sadly i'm not.
Last night being me, i was watching tv in a nice little statis where you don't think much and you sit lazily just looking at the tv. Now this would have been a lovly evening if not for the screech of the Beiber over at my next door neighbors house where the little girl just absolutly loves him... So being nice i let this atrocity play. Now Being civilized i didn't go see the house and ask them to turn off the music cause i think it would have just been logical to turn off the music at around 1:00 am like it's the law... But no this "music" keeps blaring at 2:00 am. So being the civilised person i decide not to fight back and i just walk over and knock politly, The little girl answers and i ask her as kind as i can at 2:00 am to please turn down the Music so I can sleep. She looks at me strangly and she responds "I don't see how you can't sleep to Justin Beiber, his voice is so calming" and she closes the door in my face... SO the war begins... I decided to initiate the war and pull out a weapon of my own... Surround Sound Speaker system with ACDC at full volume, Now ladies and gents i know this is not the "Adult" thing to do, especially when going up against a 15y.o. but i sleep better to ACDC then i do to Beiber. Anyway this continues to the early light of dawn, meaning not a moment of shut eye. In the end i asked the parents to please keep their daughter's music under control because a working person can't be missing out on sleep cause a High schooler wants to listen to music.
The Point of this story is not only to show how messed up it is to have this sort of battle with a Beiber fan trying to own up to a well endowed ACDC fan, but still, The extent at which they will go just to listen to their music as if earphones wasn't enough. Idea's?

Friday, June 10, 2011

Make of this what ever you would like.

As Peter Griffin (trademark Family Guy) would say, "You know what really grinds my Gears?", now using that i would like to say what grinds my gears, i would have to say it's today's generation of youth. With a history of lets take for example the United States, With a Music History and Film History that would make anyone envious, the films voted to have an Award are films such as "Justin Beiber: Never Say Never" "Toy Story 3" etc. Now i won't say Toy Story 3 wasn't a nice film, just the spectators it draws are mainly kids who haven't seen most of the Films like "Animal House" "Saving Private Ryan" ect. So Film culture isn't something they have in Abundance. Films with the same plot over and over and over again that have no point, where you sit in a movie theater for 2h of your life thinking "I could have made a better film with a lot less money" then i think that shouldn't win an Award. Movies Such as Black Swan, The King's Speech, and for a couple laughs Harold and Kumar those are films that go down as some of the best, not taking into account the history behind them, it's just that not enough people who go to see them these days that will actually vote for them to win an award. Exactly the same with Music, when Lady Gaga, the Jonas Brothers (+ Girl i think) and some Rappers that play on Commercial like "Lil' Wayne" hit the Platinum and fill stadiums and Concert Halls like The Rolling Stones used to or AC/DC or The Beatles, and where they are revered as some of the best Music of the Decade? Then personally i see a problem, When the main thing in the actual audio is the same beat over and over using maximum 3 instruments which none include a guitar, i honestly don't think that can be considered Music, more like Noise. But again, when an industry is forming itself around spreading it's propaganda to the youth and not the actual people with the money to pay for whatever it's selling then i guess the only thing you can do is go to see what little remains of what was made for those who have some sort of culture...
Ahh that was good to get that rant out of the way. Guys any idea's on this? Right? Wrong? Don't care? ^^

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The New Start of WorldWideAnon ^^

Welcome One and all to the WorldWideAnon Blog spot, Where all you say be it trolls or heartfelt rants about how the government is shoving fingers in your ass We all remain Anon and happy

To start this off i would like to just see what people would think would be a good subject?
The Stupidy of Reality Television?
Or maybe the more docile subject of The World Wide Invasion of Justin Beiber?
Cause i know i for one am Happy that they shot him on CSI, especially all the Memes on the internet adding to the carnage ^^
But as the world quietly enjoys the targeting of 12 year old pre teenage girl sensation Justin Beiber lets not forget that though he may have a voice like a woman, that he is one of the most listened to artists in the decade, Almost like the Green Day from the 90's the widespread of this infestation know and "Baby baby baby" Where Justin freely expresses his feelings towards a Blue Screen Shot of some super model, he has made millions off of the fans that support him and his useless merch that would be better used as fire material.
This of course is branching off into Music, so lets here some of the world of Anon's favorite bands and why ^^ cause i for one am a fan of Bands such as System of a Down, who constantly attacks the government and stupid people who fall under their mind control
Thanks ^^ lets start this off in a good way