Friday, June 17, 2011

Ahh Finally Back

Well first part of Exams are over so i'm gonna take some time to update the Blog ^^

Here another little story, sadly again on music.
On Wendesday i was just relaxing at the corner Starbucks, Sitting and watching the people go by drinking my over priced coffee and thinking to myself it's a beautiful day out. So time goes by and all of a sudden i start hearing a loud Bass Speaker going haywire, and i mean it's pumping out well over 120 Db's of power. So i start looking around and i don't see anyone carrying a large Amp, so i relax thinking "Damn i'm hearing things again" so after like 10 min of the same beat then i know i'm not hearing things... So i get up and walk to my car that just around the corner to get going back to class. Then i see a car practically shaking there is so much Power coming out of the speakers. So i kindly go up to the Driver and ask what sort of Music that is. He replies "It's Dubstep Dude, S*it's Chill man". What is this Creation called Dubstep? It's taking a song and putting a load of bass and tuning down the actual Audio and making people repeat the same part of the song, and this group Borgore, putting "deepthroat" in their songs is just wrong. Anyway so i went to my car and decided that i would go to class and on my way i would pop in my Rolling Stones Album and just chill to that. So as i'm driving more and more cars that go by are playing this "DubStep". So after classes i decide to go check out the Local record store and see if there is any DubStep album that is worth listening to. As i walk in the door all i hear is the same loud bass that i heard earlier in the day... so i know they have some, so i stay for a good half hour listening to Dubstep. At the end of that Half Hour i couldn't hear much other then the people who were not 2 feet away from me. So i go home and the little demon that plays the "Beiber" is not only playing Him but she is also playing his little Dubstep Remix Album -.-'' Anyway Guys anyidea what i can do cause she is abiding by the Law not playing this shit at 2:00am and i have no idea what i can do to get rid of this... Sound Proof Headphones don't get here for another 6 days, so until then? Anything? Ohh and you guys know any good Dubstep Album worth listening to?


  1. I really like Circus one, you should be able to find it pretty fast, it's with various artists so not just one "style". Ow and GL with the lil devil...

  2. I'm not that of a Dubstep fan since I am in the raw type of music, such as Rock or Metal. So sorry, I can't recommend any album, but I am listening to the genre quite a bit now. :)