Monday, June 27, 2011

Internet once again!!!

Ladies and Gents, sorry for the long Blank moment, been having a hard time trying to get an Internet connection on the road, Tour of Europe in a Car = very hard internet

Anyway, As i was touring around with a couple of friends in the car we decided to give Euro Radio a go, well figure this, their classic rock station, actually has classic rock, like Rolling Stones, Credence, AC/DC, ect. so we were pretty surpirsed as we were driving through France to hear this kinda music, so we enjoyed our Car ride through France. But as we got to touring other countries like Italy, we kept hearing this great Music. And it hit me, why not have this sort of Old school Rock and Roll Radio, cause most of the Stations in the States play this New age stuff and really no joy in riding in your car listening to some guy go on and on about how he shot someone and then did drugs... Ofcourse you can tell me to buy the iPod plug in for the Car but i listen to that stuff and i know it by heart i rather tempt fate and see if i can't find something new, that is what the radio is for anyway -.-'
So anyway touring France is Great right now i'm in the south near Nice and the weather is beautiful over here, if anyone knows a cool place to get a bite to eat or something that would be epic ^^

And by the way, for the week that i've been here i have not heared one Justin Beiber or Kesha tune play, not on the Radio or anywhere, it's heaven ^^ maybe i'm just not listening to the right radio station but all i know is that it's alot better!!
Anyway catch you guys when i have Internet again


  1. Welcome back to 'tinternet

    sounds like you're enjoying your trip!

  2. The Europe radio stations are great! I really enjoy them.

  3. good to have you back bro!
    +1 and gotya!

  4. we also have bad radio stations but some are really great